Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chitose Get You!! (2012) Review

Time for another review! You didn't expect me to talk about games, did you? If that's the case then, (with all my respect and only for comedic purposes) you people are sick!
 What's the name of this blog? Some Random OTAKU? Then I guess I'm supposed to have anime in it.
 So this time, I'm not going further than summer 2012 with this anime called "Chitose Get You!!"  Now, I'm gonna explain it briefly so the review won't be 2.000 pages long, although I think I already did that with the filler joke I'm starting to add at the start of each review (since Splatoon review).
So, to make it brief, this is an adaptation of a 4-koma about an 11 year old girl who has a crush on an adult (that's why other people think it's for  pedophiles, but it's actually a normal anime) and then it turns out HER TEACHER is also in love
with this guy, whose name is not mentioned a lot by the way. So they basically fight to see who gets to be with him.

Now,to the review! I know I used to be more straightforward remarking the Goods/Bads, but this time, I'm gonna take my time to tell you my opinion on this one.

Starting up, as I said before, people might think this is a pedophilic anime, but IT'S NOT since it's actually about a little girl liking a grown man. That is either the reversed concept of pedophilia, or just a typical platonic love, nothing weird actually.

Now that we covered that polemic topic from the anime, let's proceed to talk about the media (It's actually a term I commonly use in my life about SOUND and ANIMATION) Yes, I'm going to start implementing that term now.
So first off, the sound is something I really liked about this anime, whether it's the cute endng music or just the sound and voice acting in general.
The voice actor for the main character, Chitose Sakuraba it's Sayaka Nayaka, who also played Somera Nonomoto on the anime "Fushigi na Somera-chan", which I didn't watch completely so that's a good point for neutral expectatives.

The animation is considered a little lousy for some, but I actually think it actually fits this anime, it gives the anime that charm that makes it a funny and cute 3 minute experience, I think
the quality it's just good, specially considering it's just 3 minute per episode.And being done with the media, let's go with the characters and final thoughts.

The characters are, some iconic, some forgettable. Taking for example, Mika. A really
forgettable character on the series. Hey, It's not her fault though.
She would've been very iconic if the creators didn't give her so little screen time. The series has 26 episodes, and she was introduced on episode 16, so that gave her less than half of the anime to get fully introduced, keeping also in mind that she doesn't appear on some of those episodes.
Then there are memorable characters, such as Misaki (No last name given) who was constantly thinking of his "daddy" and was FULLY OBSESSED with him. More than Chitose with Hiroshi (the adult she has a crush on).  Yeah, she really was a daddy's girl, huh?
Now, the final thoughts on this anime are, in my opinion, I would say this is a very good anime and is worth watching if you're into comedy ones. Yeah, there's a lot of people out there telling you to avoid it like the plague, but I personally don't find it bad, or in the worst of the cases it's average.

I'd give this one an 8/10

That's it for this review
See you on the next one!

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