Saturday, August 22, 2015

Top Gun:The Second Mission (NES) Review

Today I'll be reviewing an NES game. The first one to be reviewed on this blog.
It's: TOP GUN:The Second Mission
First thing to talk about it's the graphics,now for an NES game,they're good.They move fast and they have good colours,but not more than that.Not great,not too bad.Just good.
The controls are average,nothing out of the normal range,"B" to shoot,"A" to acelerate and "D-Pad" to move.But there's one thing about this game that caught my attention:THERE IS NO PAUSE BUTTON.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lucky☆Star (2007) Review

Here's one of my favourite animes,Lucky*Star.
It's an anime from the 2007 spring season by Kyoto Animation. It consists of four high school students:Konata,Kagami,Tsukasa and Miyuki who make their everyday lifes "fun".

The anime it's good because of it's simplicity,you know,just four girls in high school and that's it.But the anime shows it on a way that makes it different and fun to watch.

This anime has a good story to tell,and it tells it by small pieces.
Small pieces  known as the everyday situations the characters are exposed to.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Soul Eater:Medusa no Inbou (NDS) Review

First of all,we got to ask a question.  What is the game about?
Well,the game is called "Medusa no Inbou" which means "Medusa's Conspiracy".
The game is based on the anime itself,because some episodes in the anime ARE about a conspiracy that medusa was doing to get to the "Kishin" so,it's loyal to the anime's storyline.
The game itself has a lot of what is the script from the original anime,with of course the "interactivity".