Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lucky☆Star (2007) Review

Here's one of my favourite animes,Lucky*Star.
It's an anime from the 2007 spring season by Kyoto Animation. It consists of four high school students:Konata,Kagami,Tsukasa and Miyuki who make their everyday lifes "fun".

The anime it's good because of it's simplicity,you know,just four girls in high school and that's it.But the anime shows it on a way that makes it different and fun to watch.

This anime has a good story to tell,and it tells it by small pieces.
Small pieces  known as the everyday situations the characters are exposed to.

One thing I liked is that the fist main character (konata izumi)
is an otaku,so she often throws references and jokes only
people who watch anime or gamers would understand.

Bad thing/s about the anime:
One bad thing about the anime it's the first episode.While most anime's 1st episodes give a great good first impression,this one (lucky star-episode 1)it's more boring than the rest of the episodes,giving the first impression that it's a boring anime,while it's actually pretty good.

I think the first episode blocks the capability this shoujo had in the rest of the episodes,like they where done by a different person or something.

Also,as I said before the anime often has references to animes or games,so the ones who don't know those series can't fully enjoy the series.

Despite that problem,it is a fun to watch anime,but not well introduced to,therefore being underrated. So I'd rate it   9/10
Really Good,but only if you understand the jokes/references. Otherwise it's just good.

That's all for this review
I'll see you next time

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