Saturday, August 22, 2015

Top Gun:The Second Mission (NES) Review

Today I'll be reviewing an NES game. The first one to be reviewed on this blog.
It's: TOP GUN:The Second Mission
First thing to talk about it's the graphics,now for an NES game,they're good.They move fast and they have good colours,but not more than that.Not great,not too bad.Just good.
The controls are average,nothing out of the normal range,"B" to shoot,"A" to acelerate and "D-Pad" to move.But there's one thing about this game that caught my attention:THERE IS NO PAUSE BUTTON.

Normally,by hitting start it pauses,but in this game the start button does nothing!
I also tried with select,even though select to pause already sounded weird,and it gives the same result.So you have to complete the game in ONE WHOLE SITTING.
So prepare some food,drink and an empty bottle because you won't be able to do a lunch pause or go to the bathroom until you finish playing whether you win or die.

About the game itself,it's pretty much the same as the first Top Gun,some say it's different,some say it's the same with some changes.I say:same food,different seasoning.
It IS different in some aspects like the plane model (first game:red/second game:green) but that's saying nothing.It's like I said the poop I took today is different from the one I took yesterday.Everyone who played both games like me knows that's true.

Now,about the gameplay,there's only one tiny little complain I have to say.
No,not just hard.It's RIDICOULOUSLY hard. So hard it's barely possible to complete the first mission the first time you play it because when you success at one part of the mission,you can still fail when you have to do the next task.If you manage to  beat the first mission the first time you play it without losing at least a life,you got my respect.

Besides that,the game is good,fun to play,but really,and I mean REALLY frustrating  sometimes,but it's not like,the worst game ever made,it's just an average game,but it's errors brought it to the ground when it comes to the games I like.

Good game,bad gameplay. Specially because of the pause button,it still pisses me off that it doesn't have one.

That equals to a  6.5/10

Just gonna say,this game sounds bad,but it deserves a second chance!
So,if you see it at the store I recommend you: Buy it,Try it and if you liked it,it's ok. If you didn't like it,you can sell it on eBay or keep it anyway,because it's still a classic and it deserves at least one chance.

This was a review by Some Random Otaku
See you.

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