Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some News... #1

There has been a RADICAL change on the blog's appearance,so it will seem more appealing.
Of course,that won't affect the browsing or the searches.
I just added the category:"News" , and this is the perfect post to start.

BTW,Happy delayed back to the future day! Sorry about saying it RIGHT NOW but I couldn't do anything ON THE ACTUAL DAY (21.10.2015) because lack of time.

That's it for now...
See you next post!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

KissXsis (2010) Review

Well this time we got into a spring 2010 anime.  An R+ rated one.
It's been a little time since I wanted to post a review of this. I actually wanted this to be my first review,but I changed it for the Soul Eater game for the DS.

So,first of all,a little summary (No Spoilers) of what is KissXsis about:

So,there's this teenager,Keita Suminoe,whose step-sisters,Ako and Riko are in love with him,but of course,"they can't both have him". So they're bassically rivals, always trying to go one step ahead of each other.