Sunday, November 1, 2015

KissXsis (2010) Review

Well this time we got into a spring 2010 anime.  An R+ rated one.
It's been a little time since I wanted to post a review of this. I actually wanted this to be my first review,but I changed it for the Soul Eater game for the DS.

So,first of all,a little summary (No Spoilers) of what is KissXsis about:

So,there's this teenager,Keita Suminoe,whose step-sisters,Ako and Riko are in love with him,but of course,"they can't both have him". So they're bassically rivals, always trying to go one step ahead of each other.

That's it,that's all this series has to offer about storyline. Because the rest of the story is told ongoing, (the story progresses as the anime goes).
Now for the review:

Bad thing/s about the anime:

-It's a fanservice fest: Almost all "encounters" form Keita with his sisters are very often (for not saying almost always) perverted. They can variate from [Spoilers] a tongue kiss TO SAY "GOOD MORNING" to a bathtub scene. It gets to the point where you are no more surprised.
But that's just my opinion,it's an ecchi anime after all. But put a little more perversion there and you got a hentai.

Now,besides that,everything ok.

Good thing/s about the anime:

-It's not THAT perverted: Although I just criticized the level of perversion in this anime one or two paragraphs before this one,don't misunderstand it. It HAS it's perversion of course but it has some more deeper love,love that looks pretty more than perverted.
The anime even has some cute parts,where     there's more feeling than perversion.

-Though perverted,the anime has comedic parts that variate from jokes to funny situations such as [Spoilers] when Keita is angry and hits a table the wrong way,provoking him an injury.

Now,the moment of the PERSONAL RATING.

Perverted but romantic,that makes an important part.
It's comedic elements are something I really liked,a mix
between Ecchi anime and Comedy anime.

I would personally give it a  9.2/10

This was a "some random otaku" review.
See you next time.

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