Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Soul Eater:Medusa no Inbou (NDS) Review

First of all,we got to ask a question.  What is the game about?
Well,the game is called "Medusa no Inbou" which means "Medusa's Conspiracy".
The game is based on the anime itself,because some episodes in the anime ARE about a conspiracy that medusa was doing to get to the "Kishin" so,it's loyal to the anime's storyline.
The game itself has a lot of what is the script from the original anime,with of course the "interactivity".

Bad Things About The Game:
-First Thing:As I said before,the game has a lot of the original script.But because of it most of the game are dialogues,at the point I didn't know if I was playing a game or a Visual Novel.
I think they should have put less dialogue and more playable scenes. After all,isn't it supposed to be a game?

-Second Thing:The game's controls are really difficult.I mean,it's easy to learn them but when you are playing,you have to move the stylus very accurately.
For example:Let's say I want you to draw a circle.In any other game, a round shape would do,but in this game you have to be really precise. You have to draw the closest possible to a circle.You have to be very precise with your stylus moves.

Good Things About The Game:
Though it has it's defects,the game is pretty good.It has very good graphics to be a DS game,as I say it sticks really good to the anime's storyline and is a good option to have a fun time and spend some hours in.Nothing else to say.

So overall it's a good game.  I would rate it 8.5/10

If you have money and know where to buy the game or have an r4 memory card and want to download the game,do it. It's worth your game time.

Now,there's one thing about the game I forgot to say. It was ONLY released in Japan,so if you happen to download a rom of it,it might be in japanese. At least that happened to ME.

That's all for this review
I'll see you next time