Thursday, January 21, 2016

Splatoon (WII U) Review

Ok so I know this is out of my normal schedule which is : "NES/NDS game - Anime" but some time back in December, I decide to give myself a gift and buy a WII U.  The WII U actually came with the game "Super Mario Maker" included so I might also talk abou that one in the future.
But for now let's move on,shall we? So moving on, I decided to get another game because with only ONE game isn't enough for today's standards. I entered the WII U eshop,registered my credit card information and looked for the top rated games,just to find this one on the top of the list. "Splatoon", for me in that time I first heard about it because of a friend, just summed up to girls and tentacles.
I know, that can be seen in two ways thanks to hentai, so let's just give another example. At the time,i also thought it was just a call of duty for children,and I'm not a fan of COD myself, so I thought I wouldn't like it, but it was very highly rated by almost everyone who tried it, so I decided to give it a try. Of course,the quality comes with a cost, this time of US$59.99 so I just bought it hoping I wasn't wasting my money.
After downloading, installing and updating the game I'm greeted with one of those in-world title screens, which  I actually like, I don't have a game recording hardware though, so all I can do is pick a screenshot form the internet (Yeah, it sucks. Sorry). So, the actual version I started with was version 2.2.0 hich was already pretty advanced. Then again, I got the game on December 2015 so, I was expecting it.

Now,the first thing I had to do was, going through the tutorial,which in my opinion, had a great background music,but that depends on people's taste for music. The tutorial ,was just shooting balloons though. Then, you get to inkopolis, a city populated by jellyfish and humanoid squids. Next thing to do is level up, at least until level 4 which you do by playing this game mode called turf war, otherwise you won't be able to do anything else because you're not "fresh" enough.

So, AFTER I leveled up, I decided to go on campaign mode, or like they call it here, "Hero Mode".   Before I did this review, I decided to finish Hero Mode, leveling up more by playing more turf wars and THEN doing a review on it. In fact, I completed hero mode just today, I'm level 15 now and even participated on the first splatfest of 2016 (Which was Future vs. Past,by the way) so I think I finally  squirted all the juice from this game.

Now,going back to Hero Mode, I don't wanna spoil much so I'll do my best to briefly go through the story WITHOUT spoiling.
So,in Hero Mode, first of all you get in a manhole... I'm not making that up, that's what you actually do.  Then, you get out and encounter this person called cap'n cuttlefish, who tells you that the great zapfish has disappeared and that he suspects that it might be the octarians getting revenge for the great turf war that happened more than 100 years ago. Seriously, they must have got really pissed off if they're still  trying to get revenge.  As I said, I don't wanna spoil much of the game, so that's it for hero mode.

Now for the online battles. Like I said before, you compete in an event/sport called turf war,which sums up to a 4v4 ink battle where, surprisingly, the thing isn't just going for it but about covering up the most turf in your team's ink to win.
Of course, that intensifies when you add different maps and weapons into the game! Also, each match lasts about 3 minutes, so if you just wanna play something quick and straightforward, this is a good option.

And last but not least, The customization!
In this game you can not only buy clothes but also,those clothes give you special powers and about the weapons, let's just  leave it at good. There are many weapons, each type for each type of person. (for example, for snipers, they got the chargers)

Now, to top it off, you might not like the game or you might do, depending on what you're onto. But this game is a very good title from the hand of Nintendo EAD.
Now,There are some unfair parts, such as judd having to pick randomly if the team ties or communication errors always happening on the last 10 seconds of the match.
But overall, it's a very good game and it's a must have in your WII U library, no doubt.
So, finally, I give this game a    9.7/10. Definitely try it.

This was Some Random Otaku and I'll see you  in the next review.

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