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YuruYuri Review [Part 1] (season 1)

Alright,back to old anime I guess...  Still,I've been wanting to do a review on this for so long,but last year,the third season of YuruYuri (YuruYuri San Hai!) came out,so I decided I might as well wait for season 3 to end,and then,start reviewing all of them one by one.
so,after watching the whole 3 seasons and the OVAs 375,599 times... aproximately, let's start!
This is gonna be 3 parts long,each one for each season. Obviously,starting by season 1.

YuruYuri season 1,or simply YuruYuri,if I'm not wrong,I remember at least,came out in 2011,and oh boy it got me interested... The title was simple,Yuru Yuri,there was OBVIOUSLY gonna be yuri on this,right?  Well... Let's say 50/50...  The anime is a yuri comedy,but more comedy. In fact,Sakura Trick,which came out a year later was more yuri than this.
So why an anime that CLEARLY says "yuri" on the title doesn't live up to its name as much as it should? Well... I don't know,maybe they didn't wanna be the polemic and romantic anime of the season,but it gets to the point where litteraly EVEN KISSES are censored! What's next?
Censoring when they hold hands?! Probably...
Again,it's a 50/50,there's still some yuri here and there,but of course,most of it is on random fantasies chitose,a...secondary character,thinks sometimes. All of them end up in nosebleeds,and at this point I'm surprised the blood isn't censored.
Apart from Chitose's yuri fantasies or "ships" like people like to call it,there's Chinatsu,one of the four main characters who has a crush on Yui,another main character...
And,to finish introducing the four main characters there's also Kyoko,a super active girl,one of
From left to right:Yui,Kyoko,Akari and Chinatsu
my 999.999 waifus and the funniest of them all. And then there's Akari. She's... well.. Akari... She really doesn't stand out much on the show,even though she's the cutest one and she's supposedly the protagonist,but she barely even speaks in most cases... Hell,the intro is the part where I remember she's the protagonist,and that's something else I wanna talk about.
From left to right:Himawari,Sakurako,Ayano and Chitose
Again,she barely stands out,which is a shame. As a character she has a lot of potential but that mostly
not shown,but I guess that's the joke,right?...Right?
Well,to be fair,she HAS taken protagonism in some parts I won't reveal because...Spoilers.
But most of the time,a damn cockroach has more protagonism than her!
Oh yeah,did I mention Chinatsu tries really hard to "Get Yui-Senpai's heart"? And that every time she tries so hard she bums it? Well,there's that. But I'm pretty sure who won the medal for best character here is Kyoko,and I don't just say it because she's one of my waifus. I say it because she's reaally funny and she is mostly the center of attention because of the crazy stuff she does. In fact,she's the reason why they're all four together! And Yes,she's more of a protagonist than Akari. Oh,poor Akari,I kinda feel bad for her...

Good Points
-It's a really fun anime to watch. You could have depression lose your house and your family,and it would still make you laugh or at least chuckle a bit.
-All of the characters,even poor Akari have unique and great personalities
Bad Points
-AGAIN Why does Akari have so little protagonism?!
-Maybe I forgot to mention it,but the animation is a lower quality than I expected,the anime has the visual and sound quality Lucky Star has,and yeah,Lucky Star is from 2007.

Still,a grat anime I'd personally recommend watching.

Final Score : 7/10

This has been a review by Some Random Otaku
See you next review...or should I say"next part"?...

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